Saturday, October 8, 2011


Yom Kippur. I did not fast, I did not go to services, I did not even listen to streaming services as I pretended I might do earlier in the week. I am ritual-ed out. Or maybe just more interested in creating my own new ones.

One thing is clear: I am ready to loosen my grip on the nightly writing. I am thinking of dropping down to a few times a week, or even once a week. But I won't write tomorrow. I need more time right now to collect my thoughts and need to create more space for the Pea. I need to put more energy into our lives changing drastically and think about what that will mean and how we will manage it. Last night all my dreams were baby dreams, for the first time in almost my entire pregnancy. Clearly, my mind is shifting and I need to honor that.

I just finished an amazing book, Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin. I recommend this to anyone who is expecting, or just wants to be reaffirmed in all the beauty and miracles of life. The first half is all birth stories, just tales of ordinary people bringing their children into the world. But every birth is magical and every new baby changes the course of the universe. She finishes the stories with a small section "what to do if your child dies." Now, losing a parent is nowhere near as heart wrenching, tragic or impossible to deal with as losing a child. But she has some beautiful and practical words about grief that spoke to me:

Grief has its own dignity. To feel it makes you telepathic with everyone else who has ever mourned, and it makes you more compassionate of others. Hold on tight to your family. Losing someone dear to you is one of the risks you take in loving anyone at all. If you keep your heart open, the rawness of the hurt will go away in time. This is how healing happens.

So, to everyone reading this still, to anyone mourning this loss or any other in their life, take heart. To be heartbroken at all is a sure sign that you are capable of love beyond measure.


  1. Dear Ayns...
    Rest assured, you are still being read and you still amaze us with your words...
    Write when you are moved to do so, because your writing moves us so.
    your comments on grief and love were especially poignant and beautiful.
    our love to you, gary and the pea...
    Evon and Peter.

  2. Aynsley,

    We have missed your blog entries over the past few days. However, we certainly understand your desire for re-grouping (poorly stated... sorry). Please know that your entire family and family to be soon) have been in our thoughts since we flew home from Seattle. Actually, many things have happened in our lives over these past days that remind us of your Mom. We know that will always be true. We treasure those moments after we wipe away the tears. We send our love to you...
    Michael & Sheryl
    Peoria, IL