Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pea is here!!

Eliza Flynne Cohen arrived safely at 7:53am on Tuesday, January 3rd.  She was born at home after an intense 13 hour labor, weighing in at 8 pounds and stretching out at 20 inches.  She is a Capicorn with Capicorn rising and a Taurus moon, born in the year of the Rabbit and just 20 minutes after sunrise.

Gary and I are beyond in love.  This past week has been hands down the best in my life; I can't stop staring at her with intense, fierce wonder and pure gratitude. Gary and I called her The Pea, or just Pea for her entire in utero life; Mom's friends took it a step further and called her Sweet Pea.  And, I have to tell you all, that's the perfect name.  She is beyond sweet, nuzzling our necks and holding onto my fingers while she nurses.  She smiles in her sleep.  She is so mellow most of the time, but even when she's having meltdowns, she still wants to be cuddled and kissed (and I am more than happy to oblige-this is one spoiled kid already). 

Eliza came out a little swollen, like all newborns do.  In her first week, her face has changed a lot, but we still couldn't pinpoint who we thought she looked like in those first few days.   Of course, now we know.  She looks like Mom.

right after birth
 First family photo
 day 3
day 7


  1. Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!!!!! I can't begin to wish your entire family enough happiness, tremendous health, and all the joyous wonder this world has to offer! We have never met, yet this blog has been a blessing to follow your amazing mother's journey and to be able to continue to send you all the positive wishes my heart can offer. Enjoy every moment with Eliza Flynne, may every week bring new magic.
    I am sending you all my love,
    ~Ronni Runes

  2. Heartfelt congratulations to all the Kirshenbaums and Cohens. She is truly a gift. Be happy and well.
    Mike and Esther Wyszogrodzki

  3. Welcome to Eliza Flynne. We Book Group members celebrate her arrival, your good health, and the joy of your family. We look forward to meeting her.
    Melissa Upton Cyders

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyy!
    Bless your life Eliza Sweet-Pea Flynne Cohen!
    With hugs upon hugs,
    Abbey WH