Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three generations at three months old

At my parent's house, there's a photo of Mom at 3 months.  And one of me at three months right next to it.  We look alike, sort of.  Not exactly, but similar.  Now that Eliza is three months, I wanted to add her to the mix.



I think you'll agree, something skipped a generation.  

I feel so connected to Mom when I am with Eliza, which is all the time.  We even have a "game" I play, where I tell Eliza all of the things I would have told Mom that day.  "If my Mom were alive, I would have told her how delicious this spring is.  How all of the trees are in bloom and how the cherry blossoms in particular make me think of her.  And then I would rub it in that it's 70 degrees here and 50 there." By saying it out loud, maybe I give Mom the opportunity to hear it anyway.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you are happy. Eliza is as beautiful as you and Flynne.

    Esther Wyszogrodzki

  2. Congratulations on sweet Eliza, Aynsley. She has beautiful, bright eyes, just like her Mother and Grandmother.