Friday, February 11, 2011


Mom continues to kick ass in PT and OT. And today, in eating! YAY! I got several reports today of how much she ate, which has been so good to hear. For the record, the challah today was much enjoyed.

Today the main complaint was fatigue. Which makes sense, right? Looking at the busy day she had yesterday, plus today being up and eating so much, it means that the naps were less frequent. So the goal for tomorrow is more sleep. She doesn't have OT on the weekends, so that's one less sleep interruption. (Not to say that OT isn't essential, it's just that tomorrow she should be able to get rest, which is important, too). So, if you're planning on visiting tomorrow, please remember that you won't be able to chat if she's sleeping.

I'm hoping for a restful, comfortable weekend. Monday starts round two of chemo, which I'm already dreading, but hoping that with the new pain medicines and IV anti-nausea, this round doesn't take quite so much out of her. On a personal note, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, too. After work tomorrow, I will have two days off in a row before I go back for 7 days on, one day off, then another 5 days on and then probably back to Seattle. Very much looking forward to acupuncture, a long run, brunch with lovlies and maybe even a little bit of that elusive magical thing I hear stories of: sleep.

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