Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Mom is back at the hospital. Around 10pm last night, she asked my dad for a hot water bottle for her stomach (which she sometimes uses for stomach discomfort). He called a nurse, but when one didn't come right away, he went to the nurse's station to find someone. When they came back to the room a few minutes later, Mom was shivering so violently they thought she was having a seizure. It turned out to be chills from a fever (101) and she promptly went to Urgent Care at Group Health (right next door to Overlake) where they ran blood tests and x rays. She was given Tylenol to reduce the fever and when it came down, she and Dad went back to KGH, arriving around 2am. She slept the rest of the night and on and off throughout the day today. Around 2pm, Group Health called with the results of the blood tests: an infection. So back they went to Urgent Care and are now waiting to see if she'll be admitted back to Overlake.

They did four blood draws last night: two from her chest port and two from her arm. The two from her arm came back negative for infection, but the two from the port came back positive. Am I a sucker for thinking that this isn't horrible news? That maybe there's a local infection near the surgical site, but it hasn't spread and maybe it will be managed easily by antibiotics? That's my hope anyway.

Last week (or maybe the week before) the New York Times magazine ran an article about Web MD and the Mayo Clinic website, basically saying Web MD is the most evil thing around and Maya Clinic is fabulous. So, I looked up chemo and infections on the Mayo Clinic website (not going to touch Web MD-I do NOT need to freak myself out any more than I am already) and it said it's common risk with chemo. It's dangerous because it can interfere with the chemo schedule.

Today I bought plane tickets home for February 27th and am hoping that I can still use those, but am standing by in case I need to go sooner.

Mom isn't in any pain right now, just exhausted. Her temperature is 99 now, without any Tylenol or other fever reducer in the last 12 (or more) hours. Two friends are also with my parents now-when I told Gary which ones, he sort of laughed and said, "well, that couldn't be any more perfect." So, I'm going to try to sleep tonight, knowing both of my parents are in the best possible hands.

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