Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Another magical date-look at the numerical symmetry! And Mom had a good day. When I asked her how she was feeling, she said she was feeling good. I haven't heard her say she felt good since the middle of December. I know the break in chemo isn't great as far as the Cancer Fight Plan, but it's so great for her to get a reprieve. She has her appetite back, her stomach isn't upset, she can swallow...all such good things. Today she had her first physical therapy session in almost a week and though she thought her legs were a little weaker, her core strength was as good as ever.

Everything about the past week really highlights how much the Cancer Fight Plan is an art, not a science. Each person responds differently and Mom's course of treatment from the get-go was very aggressive (the appropriate response, since the cancer is very aggressive). But since her three systemic treatments, she's seeing the cancer move in the right direction. Maybe a couple of weeks off from chemo will give her an opportunity to make significant strength gains and resume the fight from a more stable and healthy place. I hope so. Only five more days until I get to go home

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