Thursday, February 24, 2011


More of the same. Mom continues to sound great on the phone. We speak about twice a day to catch up on both of our daily events (walking, pill taking, visitors vs work, acupuncture and training). Often I catch her in the midst of a snack or a meal; she's having a much easier time eating the last few days and seems to have a bigger appetite. Other times I catch her during pill time, which is always arduous, but she plows through. I don't have a real sense of how she's doing, it's impossible to know being far away. I plan to give you all a much more in-depth look on Sunday after spending the day there. In the meantime, just know that she's continuing to gain physical strength, today walking 20% more than yesterday, and her emotional strength is as ferocious as ever and shows no sign of diminishing.

1 comment:

  1. Thumbs up to Flynne!!!
    20% more walking is great!!!
    Flynne you did more than me this week! I cut off all activity -including acupuncture!!- cause this freezing weather and snow warning (mostly from Chad ' oh it's going to snow, oh it's going to snow.. if I was you I will not go anywhere ....etc..etc.. etc.. and repeat 3 times...)
    so ... enough of this weather.
    Glad you feel better! just reading of you, it sound more of you you persona!
    You are the best.
    hugs and kisses.