Thursday, March 10, 2011


This will be a brief post because I'm waking up very early tomorrow morning. Today was our meeting with the Gastroenterologist and our Oncologist. Both recommend that mom stays off a feeding tube. The risk is just too high for what little rewards it could provide, if any. So mom is going to really focus on eating well. She has been doing a pretty good job lately. Hopefully her weight can stabilize before we start the next round of chemo, which we will start either the week after Aynsley's wedding or the first week of April.

It's crunch time for me in school. I will have to be studying almost the entire weekend. But after Wednesday, I will have a full 10 days to spend as much time at KGH as possible. I can't wait. Spirits are still high and mom is as sweet as ever.

1 comment:

  1. Yes!
    she is very sweet!
    1-I never see her upset!
    2-always in a good spirit
    3- she is always positive
    4-if positive doesn't come easy, she always have a second positive solution/attitude/hope.
    5- she is just so pretty sweet and elegant... hard to ignore.

    Wish you a great weekend Flynne, thinking of you always.
    hugs and kisses..