Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sleep has been a limited and precious commodity for Dad (see yesterday's post). This morning, either as a special Saturday gift or due to a change in nursing staff, my parents were left alone to sleep in. No IV at 7am, no vital check at 8am; they both woke up on their own at 9:45. Now that's a Saturday morning.

Dad hadn't been home since Wednesday, so this evening he finally went home, showered, changed his clothes and brought in all the packages of wedding paraphernalia that I'd ordered to the house. A shower, coupled with a full night of sleep, made him sound so refreshed.

Mom also sounded good. The nausea seems to be a little better. She wasn't able to do physical therapy today either, though; her heart rate has been too high. We'll ask the nurse practitioner about that on Monday. My main concern right now is what's causing that and if it will interfere with surgery on Tuesday. Heart stuff, understandably, makes me very nervous. The amount of muscle wasting that she's experienced in the past three months is significant and makes me very concerned about her heart. As I tell my clients all the time, your heart is a muscle-I help people train for hypertrophy, but atrophy is just as possible, and so frightening.

A few weeks ago, I was viewing Mom's progress as two steps forward, one step back. I don't know how to rate it anymore. I don't know if it's moving in circles, or oscillating, but I know it's not where Mom wants to be. I know she's exhausted and frustrated and we all feel that, too. I'm hoping for a good night, for sweet dreams, for a comfortable weekend and a better day tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to a gigantic hug on Monday.

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