Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today was as good as yesterday was bad. When I arrived at KGH at 10am (with triple shot nonfat vanilla latte and reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake for Dad), Mom was alert and chatty. About 30 minutes after my arrival, the physical therapist arrived and Mom had her most intense session to date: squats, calf raises, high knee marches (where she lifts her legs up as high as possible, usually about half an inch off the ground), then a walk down the hallway to the gym, where she rode the bike for 10 minutes, then walking back to her room, then another round of squats, calf raises and high knee marching. The therapist capped it all off with some nice stretches and a bit of massage. All in all, about a 45 minute workout.

Later in the afternoon, Mom told Ross that she visualized riding along Lake Washington Blvd as she was riding the bike.

When she was finished with PT, she got back in bed to relax for a few minutes before lunch was served. She ate the largest portion I've seen her eat since diagnosis. Lunch was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn; Gary was jealous. Mom ate 90% of her chicken. I have NEVER seen her eat more than half of anything on her tray, and half a portion is a big deal. Eating so much was awesome. She also had a good amount of corn and potatoes. The she had some bagel, cream cheese and lox for an afternoon snack, then bites here and there of dinner: some of my salad, some of Dad's pizza, a bite of the blintzes that were provided...

Seattle weather was beautiful today: clear, crisp and glimpses of the sun. I got in my first run of this trip this morning before I came in and Mom got a little fresh air. We bundled her up in her Sisterhood of the Traveling Wool blanket, my mother-in-law-to-be's shawl and another healing shawl that was knitted for her and went out to a little courtyard. Despite all the layers, Mom was cold, so we did a quick lap, then came inside. Still, I have no doubt that the fresh air is healing.

Finally, a nap around 3pm.

The rest of the evening Mom was alert and pain-free. Dad and Ross left around 7:30, leaving us to another girl's night slumber party. We did some hip opening and hamstring stretches, listened to her book club book and talked more wedding details. She teased me a lot. I deserve it.

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  1. It sounds like such a great day. I'm so happy.
    :) Jodi