Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mom sounded great tonight. She had a really nice day with friends and a great PT session, where she walked and worked on standing balance. She was also proud to report that she's been up and walking throughout the day for almost a week now-every few hours or so, she's ambulating to the bathroom. This is great progress and so healthy for her. Every once in a while, her physical therapist will ask me if I have any therapy goals for my mom. And I always say: anything that gets her more autonomy. Anything that brings her one step closer to her normal life and to functioning on her own. And she is definitely moving in that direction. It's great to see her motivated.

She has an appointment next Tuesday to have her chest port reinserted. Surgery always makes me nervous, but I'm glad that I'll be in town for this one and she'll have a week to recover before she begins chemo again. It's an outpatient procedure, but it's still surgery. She still gets put under. So that's the next little hurdle she's facing; I'm putting my energy into her coming out of that one strong and fighting, just like all the others.

AS for me, I think my recent sleeplessness is just boring bridal insomnia. Chamomile tea didn't cut it last night, so I'm trying wine tonight. Fingers crossed.

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