Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dad and I are trading off nights we stay with Mom. Last night he stayed, so I was able to sleep a full night (asleep by 9:45pm, folks) and work out this morning. When I arrived, Mom was in the midst of breakfast, which she really did well with-almost an entire egg, half a bowl of cream of wheat and about 1/5 of a croissant. In real life, that's about a Mom-sized breakfast. Lunch wasn't yummy to her, so she only ate a few bites of soup, but at about 1:30pm, she ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and ate almost 3/4 of it.

In addition to increased portions from yesterday, Mom also had a much better PT session: she walked 210 feet and did some foundational exercises, too. While she was taking a walk, the cleaning crew mopped and cleaned her room really well, which was great, but the chemical smell set her off and she battled nausea for the rest of the afternoon. Even tonight, at 9:30pm, she asked for 7 Up and a basin. She didn't need it, but still.

I don't know why she's nauseous. It can't be chemo...maybe it's the antibiotics? It's frustrating and sad-she's trying to eat more and working hard in PT and OT, and then the queasiness sets in and sets her back.

Highlights of the day include her picking out her dress for my wedding. We ordered her a gorgeous and comfy dress that looks great on and is loose and flowy and beautiful. Dear friends are on shoe patrol for her-searching for metallic ballet flats that will match. One more thing to be able to check of the list and not have to worry about.

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