Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mom calls lumbar punctures "the lumbar punch." She went for chemo today, after about five weeks off. Our regular oncologist, Dr. C is on vacation and the fill in wanted to do a lumbar punch which Mom was not having. She felt that if it hadn't been discussed or communicated in advance, she wasn't going for it. Plus, this is the doctor who had trouble accessing the reservoir originally and Mom didn't really want her digging around her head with a needle. So Mom only had the systemic (Taxol) treatment today. Dr. C is back next week and can administer the intrathecal and a lumbar punch, if necessary.

At 7pm EST, Ross texted me: "mom is eating so much!" I was excited, but after talking to her, even more so. Let me tell you everything she ate this afternoon: some of a veggie burger and almost an entire order of General Tso's chicken. Now, as a nutritionist, I can tell you that any restaurant portion of food is way more than a serving. For everyone else, an entire order of takeout Chinese food is too much. For Mom, it's perfect. I'm thrilled.

She did have a little bit of her loopy, medicated voice, but not too bad. In fact, her recall was better than Dad's. Gary and I celebrated our marriage with massages in Seattle and Broadway in NYC. Tonight Mom asked how we liked the play. As I raved about it, I heard my dad ask "what play?" (every time we talk, I'm on speakerphone) to which Mom replied, "Gary and Aynsley saw Jersey Boys today!" And there you have it-Mom, on chemotherapy and god knows what else, remembering the mundane details of me and my husband's life without prompting. As they were doing their taxes. She never ceases to amaze me.

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