Saturday, January 15, 2011


Some days just start off well and continue to stay positive. Today was one of those days. Let's start by talking about food. Mom's appetite was the best I've seen it in a long time. She ate complete servings for all of her meals, with small snacks in between! It started off with a full serving of cream of wheat with a pack of high calorie baby food mixed in. For lunch, a dear friend brought mom a freshly baked blueberry bagel. This is what she normally eats after yoga class on saturdays. "I live for this meal after yoga," she said, while completing the entire half bagel (with probably 2 servings of cream cheese). Lunch was followed up with a couple bites of milkshake brought by another couple of dear friends. Before mom's afternoon mega nap, she ate some fruit salad. After an eventful morning (which I will get to later), she napped for 4 solid hours, before she woke up just in time for dinner. I gave her a couple bites of salmon I ordered off the hospital menu, which she loved and will hopefully order more regularly. The main course was homemade butternut squash soup. She ate all but two bites. "MMmmm" she said, "I can taste so many other flavors in here." For desert she ate a few bites of homemade chocolate chip banana bread! What a yummy day.
As I said, we had a beautiful eventful morning. When I arrived at around 11:30, she was just completing physical therapy. She was sitting upright and performing leg exercises. We had quite a few visitors this morning and mom was awake and energetic enough to handle everyone! She received a beautiful gift from two dear family friends who compiled a string of loving messages. Mom was deeply touched by the gesture and the messages, she began to cry. There are some things you don't need to see to know they are beautiful. We described the gift's appearance to her and we brought it to her fingertips where she could touch it, "Wow, it's so beautiful!" She said.
(from left to right: Brianna, Lorren, Claudia)
Days like today are gifts, I love every minute of them. They remind me of the strength of renewal, determination, and appreciation for life. Mom was strong with all of these today. I want to remind all of you that we read mom your blog comments everyday, and she is never too tired to hear them. They are an enormous part of her strength. Thank you, all of you.


  1. Dear Kirshenbaums,

    Your blog never ceases to amaze me with its stories of love and strength. It serves as a constant reminder to me of how lucky I feel to know all of you and how much I wish to live my life with the same strength and passion. I am so happy to hear (and frankly am a little hungry now) that Flynn's meals went over well. Please let me know if there are any goodies that anyone would like from Portland. I will be happy to deliver them when I am in town next week.

    The paper cranes are an amazing idea! They have always brought my family the best of luck in all situations and we strongly believe in the strength of the love and commitment that it takes to create such an amazing endeavor. I will come prepared for a big box for Ross when I see him next.

    I am thinking of you all and sending me love.

    Be well,

    Lauren W.

  2. Another great day! These are the blogs that bring such a smile to my face. I love hearing about Flynne's strength and happiness. The support from family and friends has been so amazing - and I know how much Flynne appreciates every second of it.

    By the way, the way you describe the food - and Flynne's enjoyment of the food - makes me want to come in just to dine with you all. Of course, eating has always been a passion of mine (it's helped me to grow to be the man I am today......unfortunately).

    I hope for more days just like yesterday. It's a signal of strength and that's all so good. Please enjoy the day today - GO SEAHAWKS! Keep eating!

    Love you. Me

  3. To all,
    You are in my thoughts constantly. Being a wife of a cancer survivor, all I can tell you is to hang in there. This will be a blip of your life when you are healthy.
    Flynne, we are sending you every bit of positive mental strength that we have, and each yoga class I dedicate to you.
    Hugs, kisses, and love.
    Cherie and Ron Klein

  4. May your Sunday be just as perfect as your Saturday! :) It sounds like a great day, and all the food and loving gestures are just wonderful. I love your determination--it seems to make you stronger every day. You are inspiring all of us!

    Love, Gayle

  5. Yay for great days...and good eats! Keep them coming!

    Love, Donna


  7. My dear Flynn,
    As I visited with you yesterday, I noticed how much stronger you are than when I saw you last week. You exuded so much strength and power that I could feel all the positive karma around you. I am confident that as each day passes, your strength will increase and your health improve. Both Mike and I are certainly praying for your complete recovery. With much love.

  8. To My Dearest Flynne~
    Being unable to be by your side this week has been a difficult one but no worries, I stay closely connected with calls,txts,emails and amazing blog posts from Ross and Aynsley. I have truly missed our special time together through the power of touch. I am looking forward to returning this week for our visits, massage and exercise...I hope we can set aside an afternoon PT visit...even a retired PT never forgets...
    I was thrilled to hear all about your day yesterday!!! great appetite, yummy food, increase tolerance for exercise and walking, and your surprise gift from 19 loving young adults. As we witness everyday, you are a very special woman to so many are my hero, each challenge you are faced with you exhibit so much determination, positive thinking, courage, grace and humor...
    Love you always..

  9. Ross & Aynsley,
    I read the blog daily and pray for your mom daily. Each day I am inspired by your love for your mom and her determination and willingness to stay strong and positive.
    Funny story for your mom from my 2nd grade class: A pretty chunky kid named Wyatt told me a few weeks ago that he was eliminating sugar from his diet so he doesn't get "the dia-meat-ease (diabetes) disease." I told him I thought that was great and would be happy to support him in any way I could. Then last Monday he came to school and said "I lost 10 pounds this weekend." I said I thought that was great and asked him how he did that. He said "Oh, I work out on Saturdays"
    I hope this reads as cute as it was in real life.
    Prayers of strength and healing!!