Thursday, January 20, 2011


It turns out Mom may get snookered sooner than later. But not beer, folks. Medical marijuana. Though she's trying really hard to eat (tonight I called in the middle of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia time), her appetite still isn't where the doctors want it. And this morning she had a bout of nausea that prevented her from doing physical therapy. I think it's the nausea that tipped the scale in favor of the marijuana-they don't want that to get worse and she needs to be eating more than she is. Don't misunderstand-she's dramatically increased her calories this week, but it's still on the low end and she has a lot of healing to do. So...pot time!

Mom also started complaining that her ears bother her on and off. She said it's not her hearing, it feels more like an allergy. We're hoping to get an ear doctor to check this out tomorrow. And we're hoping this isn't another autoimmune response.

Mom told me that physical therapy didn't happen because she was too exhausted from a morning with no breaks-radiation, then other medical interruptions, then social interruptions, then PT. I also suggested that maybe yesterday's PT, OT and other exercise sessions could have also played a role with her fatigue. But we really don't know why today was so much harder. Ross is going to assess with her tonight and see if we need to be more proactive about scheduling social visits-these seem to be the only factor we can sort of control. Though she really does love the social another dear friend arrived from Illinois, and Mom is really excited to have her there.

Both her oncologist and the hospitalist are advocating for her to be transferred to another medical center in Seattle instead of a nursing or rehab facility. We are all hoping for this! We don't want to have to transport her for chemotherapy twice a week-sitting up is exhausting and riding in a car would be really uncomfortable. And then considering how hard it would be to get out of the car and walk back to her room after chemo...yuk, we don't want to put her through that.

Tomorrow I have the day off from work and will be combing New York City for corned beef, pickles, rye bread and bagels. Sounds like I'll need to double my initial estimate if she starts on her new treatment soon!


  1. Hi Flynne,
    I for one am quite excited for you regarding, as Aynsley so eloquently states, "pot time"! All I know is that it will make you hungry and although you've been eating so well, extra nourishment will help you to be strong and able to do more and more of your PT and OT and continue to heal. I sure hope you're able to listen to NPR on your boom box. Besides the fair & smart reporting, it's like listening to a family--so many familiar voices that I think besides keeping you connected to the world, it would also be just comforting. I know I need to always get my Scott Simon, Terry Gross, or Robert Seigel fix during the week.

    Here's to you being able to go to another medical center in Seattle as your family wishes--sending beautiful and strong energy to you Flynne. Many many healing angels to watch over you.

    Love and kisses,

  2. Flynne:

    I agree with Kim (yes, it had to happen sometime). I'm so happy you are willing to do whatever is necessary to continue to get stronger and healthier - even if you have to go to the extreme: POT TIME. I can think of several Richwoods classmates whose ears perked up when we wrote that! I am, however, concerned that Aynsley is not thinking clearly: on one hand, you may need to cut the social/visitor time DOWN - on the other hand, you are going to have POT (by the way, I think it's called "WEED" now - at least, that's what my kids have told me....) lying around - my guess is that, instead of cutting visitor time down, you'll have a few NEW friends coming around!

    I also hope you are able to go to a local medical center - it would definitely make things easier. With that said, if you cannot, we know you'll continue to fight this and do whatever is necessary to continue to get better. Your strength of spirit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen - equaled only by your wonderful family!

    I am on my way to Peoria to visit my Dad this weekend. We will be thinking about you and sending our prayers and support.

    We love you and hope you have a good day today.

    Love, Me

  3. Flynne,
    I hope the medical marijuana helps your appetite. It sounds like it, considering the Ben and Jerry's hour! what's your favorite? mine is coffee heath bar crunch!
    I sure hope you're able to get into another medical facility. With all your people working on your side, I suspect it will work out.
    hoping for a restful, calorie filled weekend!

  4. Dear Aynsley,
    I know you have been in NYC a long time, but I wanted to send this link to one of my fav places for all foods jewish,, it is a one stop shop that could save you a lot of running around.
    Dear Flynne, enjoy the high grade ganja. I hope it peeks your appetite. Just an interesting side note, Crested Butte,Co, where we are living right now, is a town of 1500 peeps, with no less than 5 medical marijuana storefronts! I hope your weekend is full of comfort and strength renewal.
    Love, Donna

  5. MARY JANE CURES ALL THAT AILS US. You certainly have my vote. With all the loving support, NYC corned beef, rye, bagel, too bad I'm so far away not to join you all. I'm there in spirit, as I am every day. Mark, it's +1F right now.

    Jon Heller

  6. Hi Flynne and family, I read these posts every single day and I am constantly amazed at the strength you all have shown! I have tried to post many times, but they never seem to make it through. But, I want you all to know that with or without sight, your Mother is one tough lady! I have lots of tips and tricks I can pass on from the blind perspective. I have been without sight for over 25 years, but you learn to see with your heart. And, I have no doubt, that Flynne has been seeing that way all of her life! Many hugs to all,
    Marsha Bork

  7. Oh, Donna, I LOVE Russ & Daughters! Great suggestion! Mom specifcally requested Carnegie Deli this time around, but that's a great one to consider. I also got Momofuku Milk Bar cookies and truffles-I am of the opinion that they take a regular recipe and then double the butter and double the sugar. Perfect for her! :-)

  8. Momofuku Composte fav!! just sayin