Sunday, January 9, 2011


For the first time in over three weeks, my mom sounded like herself. He voice, her speech tempo, her sayings-everything was 100% normal. I think the radiation is working. Her pain is far less, so she's on less painkillers that slow and slur her speech. Also, maybe the tumors around her brain are shrinking, so there's less interruptions in those areas. She also had a great night's sleep; Dad reported 9.5 hours last night for both of them (!!!) The portacath is also wonderful. I admit, I was skeptical when they put it in, thinking we're not beginning systemic chemotherapy for at least three more weeks, but she's loving being "so high tech." All the blood draws happen through it and she's been able to swap oral steroids for intravenous ones. Since swallowing pills is the only procedure she ever makes a fuss about, this is wonderful.

All that being said, it's impossibly difficult being away. Today was my first day back in NY that I didn't work. I had some housework to do (amazingly, it didn't occur to Gary to sweep the floor in the week that he was home and I was in Seattle...though in fairness, he did a fantastic job cleaning the bathroom), errands to run, and a lot of sleep to catch up on; but by mid-afternoon, I was pretty upset that I wasn't at the hospital. Ross, Claudia, Dad and all the other friends and family are doing an amazing job and Mom is so wonderfully cared for. It's just hard being away.

The wi-fi in the hospital room is not working, so unfortunately you have to rely on my second hand reports instead of Ross's first hand musings. Hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'd like for you all to understand the magnitude of Ross shaving his beard when Mom gets her vision back. I suggested that he post a picture of himself on the blog so you all could see the magnificence of his beard. Gary said we could post a photo of ZZ Top and call it a day. Check out the New Year's Eve photo in the post from 1.31.10.


  1. Aynsley:

    Your second hand reports are still awfully good. So glad it was a great day! What an amazing attitude your Mom has - let's look forward to continued progress!

    I understand it's hard to be away but thank goodness for technology and you only have 20 days until your Mom's bday. Enjoy NY and you'll be back in Seattle soon.

    Hoping today continues the string of good days.

    Love, Me

  2. After reading Marks comments, I find I have nothing more to add! He hits the nail right on the head every time!
    So, the best I can do right now is, "What he said!"

    on second thought:
    I'm so glad that Flynn is sounding more like herself and that her pain is lessening. And that she and Bob had such a great nights sleep. And that the portacath is working out so well. What great news, all around.
    and like Mark said, "Hoping today continues the string of good days." (thanks Mark)
    Hugs to all,

  3. p.s. I forgot to comment on Ross' beard.

    OH MY GOD!

    it IS very much reminiscent of ZZTop!

    Ross, that is quit some beard you have there. You'd better make sure to find new homes for any birds or small mice that might be living in it before you shave!

    Looking forward to seeing your face!
    JZ *<:-)

  4. Life as we know it, certainly can change in an instant. We are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Keep getting stronger every day!

    Adrian and Larry

  5. BEAUTIFUL beard, perhaps I'll shave mine off if/when it gets that long.

    It's always nice starting the week out on an up note. Great report.

    Mossic says hi.

    Jon Heller