Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was another really good day! Mom ate a full serving of cream of wheat with fruit and half and half for breakfast and a good amount of beets and braised short ribs for lunch. This is hospital food, but the hospital is really great and has made a commitment to sourcing sustainable, local and/or organic foods whenever possible. I have to say, everything we get from room service is delicious. So I was very excited to hear about the short ribs-so nourishing!

This morning I had an acupuncture treatment with one of my amazing healers (I have a whole team-seriously, I am so high maintenance). We were talking about healing in general and he mused that we, especially as Westerns, do not appreciate the power of rest and nourishment. We do not hold rest anywhere near as sacred as treatment. And yet it's in the resting that we get stronger. This really resonated with me-watching Mom's progress in the last few weeks has been astounding, and I think it's due in large part to her making time for rest and nourishment. She has set her mind to eating calorie and nutrient dense food, more than her body wants, because she knows deep down it's what her body needs. She has enjoyed spending time with family and friends that has nourished her spirit and kept her laughing and enjoying her life as it is now. She has carved out time for deep naps, sleeping soundly for hours at a time and the fabulous nursing staff has respected that.

Today Mom had radiation, chemotherapy and physical therapy. She was a super star with all three-no nausea, no fatigue. She took a nap between treatments, which can't have hurt. She also had her ear checked out and the conclusion is that there's a bit of drainage from the chemo that's landing in her ear and causing irritation. Nothing that's damaging long term, just uncomfortable. Though she did say that having the scope put in her ear felt good-like an itch being scratched. So, we'll see if we can get her ears looked at at least a few times a day :-)

When I called tonight, there was a party in her room. There is practically always a party in her room. Every night I call around 7pm PST and I have a hard time getting a word in edgewise. There is always good food and laughter. People are drawn to her and she gets a lot out of her visitors. I can't wait to get back.


  1. Aynsley,
    so glad to hear Flynne is getting such yummy food and that she's motivated to eat! seems like the "weed" treatment is doing it's job! it can't hurt, anyway! What a relief to hear that her ear issues aren't permanent, just needing a bit of daily maintenance.
    hoping for a restful and rejuvenating weekend.

  2. Ainsley,
    I spent a little time with your mom yesterday. I don't have the words to describe how beautiful her spirit is.
    Love to all of you, Cherie

  3. Jodi-she hasn't started the pot yet. :-) She's eating all of that drug-free!

  4. Aynsley:

    I am so glad she's eating well without the POT/WEED. She's like me - I eat like a group of people and I don't do it with Pot/Weed/or anything else. I think it's just oxygen that does it for fact, I can't wait for my next meal.......

    I very happy yesterday was another "really good day"! Although all difficult, it definitely seems like there have been more "good" days than bad. That's "Flynne The Fighter". I just hope we continue on the "really good days" path!!! Particularly happy to hear that the ear discomfort is temporary!!!!

    I know it's cold in New York, but be happy you're not in the Midwest - people were celebrating here in the streets because the temp went over single digits. I now remember why so many of us escaped to warmer weather......I haven't felt my fingers since I arrived.

    I hope you have a safe trip back to Seattle. I'm looking forward to reading your blogs from Seattle again. I know Flynne is looking forward to your return - along with the Carnegie Deli food!

    Love to all - let's have another REALLY GOOD day!!!

    Love, Me

  5. Hi Aynsley, hi Flynne & Bob, and Ross, It's SO so good to glimpse into the amazing strength, courage and power of your love ~ and that of your extended family of friends. I think you all manage to nurish the souls of one another like some kind of cosmic massage! Love & hugs, Dana (Levy)

  6. Hi Flynne, I am so glad you are keeping up with all your amazing strength. I wanted to send my prayers out to all of your family. You have kept so strong throughout this past month. I am sure you are so happy to have Ansley back home with you. Enjoy your family visits and stay close. When Lee's family gets all together we hear about all the chilhood stories that keep us all amused. Lots of Love, Kathy