Sunday, January 9, 2011

here's the beard that will disappear


  1. Ross: I had a moustache for 30 years - shaved it three years ago and haven't looked back - although I like this on you, I still can't wait for you to HAVE TO shave it off - and I bet you can't wait either. It'll be a great day. Mark

  2. We think that Flynne has a lot to be proud of with her kids, Bob and the entire group of folks who continue to express their support. Both Aynsley and Ross have written so beautifully, showing their intense love and caring and we know that this will go a long way towards aiding in Flynne's recovery. Every day seems like an adventure, but finding the positive in each moment is such a beautiful thing!

    Much love from Dick and Marilyn Brody

  3. Ross.
    Your telling of what’s happening is so heartfelt and touching, I can almost hear your guitar playing in the background as i read. It’s wonderful that the CatScan report said what it did, thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

    And as for the huge sacrifice you’re planning when mom’s sight returns, well I’m sure that will be more than enough reason for her to recover all the faster -(personally I really like the beard, but shit, what do I know about style.)

    There is such a strong positive vibe surrounding all of you that I know only good will be coming.
    We’re sending our best thoughts and prayers…
    Evon and peter