Saturday, January 22, 2011


Honestly, not too much to report today. Mom had physical therapy this morning, and that was it for treatments. Radiation and chemo are both on weekend breaks. She started the marijuana treatments last night, and aside from being a bit, well, stoned, she's good. When I spoke with her this afternoon, she was in her usual good spirits and enjoying her visitors. Her blood pressure dropped today-it had been hovering around 150/90, which is high, but today was 100/70-not sure if the blood pressure meds kicked in a little too aggressively, if the pot treatment is causing it or what, but it's being monitored.

I arrive tomorrow late morning, Seattle time (which involves leaving early morning, NY time). The blogs for the next week or two (or whenever-I don't have a return ticket) will be coming at you live, with a lot more information than I've been giving you for the past two weeks. My personal assignment is NOT to jump back in and take over. I definitely am the bossiest of my family (Ross called me "your royal highness" for years growing up) and I'm going to need to be mindful of not jumping in and taking over every situation. It's not fair to anyone, especially with me coming and going so much. So I hope to be reporting from a more background, support role. We'll see how long that lasts.


  1. Aynsley: Have a safe trip - we look forward to hearing that you all are together again. I know your Mom will be happy you are there.

    Glad her blood pressure is down - that was definitely too high (two cents from Dr. Solls). I'm sure it'll be better with you there.

    Please give your Mom a kiss for me (she's due for another one). We're thinking about you all and hope you have a wonderful visit! Looking forward to hearing about the birthday plans.

    As the Seahawks are out, you should probably root for Da Bears - I can assure you that most of Peoria is going to be doing that.

    Look forward to hearing about another good day.

    Love, Me

  2. We visited yesterday and were encouraged to see Flynne in such a positive frame of mind. You were right! Her attitude in the face of such a daunting challenge is contagious! Looking forward to seeing you sometime this week. Love from Dick and Marilyn Brody