Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Occasionally I'll get feedback when I go off on hippie tangents about energy exchange and seasons of the year. People will tell me that they're so happy to be exposed to these other philosophies and isn't that an interesting perspective. So allow me another digression, this time into karma. I took a little too much delight in poking fun at Seattle yesterday. Today in NY, it dropped ten degrees and poured every time I stepped outside. By 10pm, fed up with sharing an umbrella with Gary and shivering on our walk home, I stomped my feet and shouted "enough of this crap!" To which Gary pointed out that I should be used to it, having grown up in Seattle. I was about to start pouting when I remembered my post from yesterday. And that's my version of karma. It rained on everyone in NY today-surely not every single New Yorker needed to learn a lesson from it. But I was due, and was karmically taught.

It was gorgeous in Seattle today.

Last night Mom enjoyed her book club for about 20 minutes before feeling really nauseous and heading back to her room. She vomited all her pills and spent a rough and uncomfortable night. But today was better. She was able to get most of her morning pills down and walked a bit with the help of the physical therapy aide. She had a bath that felt really good. She sounded upbeat and strong on the phone, looking forward to a special snack of roasted peanuts from Citi Field (her latest craving).

Dad has been administering the IV for the past few nights. He does such a good job that the next day, the morning nurse can't unscrew the tubes when her shift begins. So they dance a little: he hasn't volunteered that he's the one tightening them and she hasn't asked. I can't wait to see that in person; by now they have a little schtick and are so funny together. We were also told that KGH will be able to bill our insurance for medications and we won't have to pay anything more than the copay. Dad told the administrator that he'll take her word for it, but that if she's wrong, he's expecting her to pay the difference. I'm not sure how she responded to that, but it's a moot point. If we need to pay, him telling insurance that he got the wrong information won't mean jack. Still, I was proud of him for standing up.

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  1. Sharon and I so enjoyed visiting with Flynne and bob last night. Simple pleasures - Flynne wanted some hot, roasted peanuts from Safeco Field. So, we were so happy to bring over an order of nuts and kettle corn. Flynne looked very good and said she had had a good day. Great seeing both of them.