Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Chemo day two, round two. After feeling awful yesterday and not sleeping well last night, Mom rested throughout her chemo treatment and took such a deep, long nap this afternoon that when she woke up at 6pm, she thought it was 6am. She's feeling much better today and especially after that nap.

Tonight is Mom's BFF's birthday. The group of girlfriends are all celebrating in Mom's room tonight with dinner and sweets. I love this. There's such a commitment from everyone around my parents to bring joy to their lives. Instead of missing out on celebrations or gatherings, everyone is willing to bring them to her. Book Club, our wedding, birthday's a testament to how amazing the Kline is, too, that they have been so accommodating and helpful with everything. It's a testament to the community that my parents are a part of.

I suppose it's really a testament to life in general. There are celebration days. There are mourning days. And then there are most normal days, which blur the lines and have both happiness and grief intertwined and inseparable.

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