Sunday, April 24, 2011


After four straight days of high energy and feeling really good, Mom slowed down a little bit today. She napped, felt queasy in bursts and ate moderate amounts of food. Up until this week, today would have been a really good day. After the past few days, we see a difference. I'm 99.9% certain that it's due to the chemo finally catching up with her, but it seems to be easing in, or creating gentler side effects. The weather in Seattle finally turned today, and both my parents enjoyed a little respite from the high energy sunshine, saying that it was a good day to stay in and relax.

Her voice still sounds clear and strong, and as I was on the phone tonight, two friends who she hadn't seen in a while came to visit, which made her super happy. She is pulling energy from all its sources: the sun, loving friends, positive thoughts sent her way, prayer.

With Easter and Passover nearly behind us, we are fast approaching Beltane, the celebration of rebirth. This is the time of year devoted to renewal, fertility, love and high spirits. The time of year when the sun comes out to stay, the frost leaves the ground for good and we are firmly rooted in the light half of the year. You all know this as May Day, which is one week away. While it seems too much to say it's a time of healing, it's definitely a time of hope.

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