Monday, April 25, 2011


As Mom put it, she had an INSANE physical therapy session today. It sounded awesome: the therapist had Mom walk without a walker, just by having her (the therapist's) hands on Mom's waist for stability. Mom also was on the mat on all fours. Now, as exhausting as that position is, it must have felt so good to be oriented differently in space than on her back or sitting up. Face down! Supported on hands and knees! While there, she did some cat/cow stretches for her back real yoga! And then she stood on her knees and balanced like that with the therapist's support. Lots of different orientations, lots of different joints being used, different heights...all great things to practice.

Mom described herself as feeling pretty okay today; she had some stomach discomfort/queasiness in the morning, but said it got a bit better after lunch. She had that insane PT session in the afternoon, so she's obviously is still very strong.

I have a few voicemails saved on my phone from when my parents have called over the past few months. Mom always leaves the message and every few weeks, I listen again and resave, so I can keep the recording of her voice. This morning I was listening to them all again to resave and she sounds so different in each one. In each one, I can hear her getting stronger. In the first message, her voice sounds bright, but slurred and wavy; in the second, the voice is strong, but she's not 100% herself. In the last one, she sounds great. That last one is probably from a month ago. Today she sounds even better. She sounds like herself.

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