Monday, April 18, 2011


Please forgive the brief update tonight; I am tired. Mom does have an infection: c. def, which I haven't looked into at all, but was explained to us as an overgrowth of bacteria due to her previous round of antibiotics killing off the healthy flora in her belly. She seems to be pretty comfortable despite it and we're still planning to start round 2 of chemo on Wednesday.

Today was beautiful in the afternoon and we went outside for some sunshine. She really felt the warmth and the sun on her face. Mom joked that I should bring her bikini and a lounge chair from home and lay out in the yard. Maybe.

Other than that, things are about status quo. It's so nice to be here and be able to focus on only my family and being present for my mom instead of dealing with wedding stuff. We had such a nice day today.

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  1. Flynne,
    YOGURT!!! try to eat/drink probiotic yogurt or Kefir, it's an excellent natural remedy. it restores the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract. Plus is very yummy! it also comes in capsules but the kefir is much much better! I start taking it more and more since I had 3 months of antibiotic for my tonsillitis...
    Hope you will feel better.
    with love