Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mom requested not to talk too much tonight, due to a bellyache. She described her stomach as full of gas, achy and queasy. But then she proceeded to chat for a good ten minutes, so she couldn't have been too far down the misery continuum.

Tomorrow is treatment 2 of chemo, only the systemic Taxol. That's the one that typically makes her the sickest, so I'm anticipating some rough days ahead.

Today Mom walked up and down the longest length of the hallway and spoke with a social worker about the possibility of going home in a month or so. We talked about it last week and she mentioned that she loved being out on the back deck at home in the morning sunshine and how she never made time for it. Now she is hoping for the opportunity to be able to do yoga at home in the summer sunlight. I think it's a distinct possibility.

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