Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Good things today:
  • Dr. C. was back to administer chemo and was able to draw some CSF from the O'Maya Reservoir. This means that there's no need for a spinal tap
  • Both types of chemo were given today and Mom didn't have her usual headache from the intrathecal
  • A meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon with the nurse practitioner and social worker to discuss the moving forward plan and options
  • Dr. C. would like to add platinum to Mom's treatment plan; this has been shown to be a beneficial treatment when combined with Taxol for triple negative breast cancer
  • Mom had pad thai for lunch
Not so good things today:
  • In addition to the insurance coverage running out, we found out today that medications aren't covered. This is due to KGH using a pharmacy that isn't simpatico with Mom's insurance. Part of the meeting tomorrow will be to see if Dad can order the meds from a different pharmacy and bring them in
  • Insurance continues to be murky to navigate. We're learning some more about what isn't covered and some things are just completely contradictory and confusing
  • In order to start the platinum therapy, Mom needs to eat more and get stronger

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