Saturday, September 10, 2011


For the first time in a week, when I asked Mom how she was today, she said "I'm doing well" instead of, "Oh, I'm okay." Mom always puts a positive spin on things, but she's honest about it. "I'm doing well" means that she's feeling better than the days where she was just "okay." I think last night and today's events had something to do with it:
  • Last night's Shabbat pizza party was held outside in the courtyard in perfect weather, so Mom had her first taste of fresh air in a week and was able to really enjoy her friends
  • We figured out how to tape the oxygen machine so that it doesn't come out of Mom's nose at night, so she got full dose O2 all night last night
  • Today was another perfect weather day, so Mom's BFF came to hang out with Mom while Dad escaped to the driving range and home for a shower. They sat outside for a bit and had a lot of fun helping with another dear friend's bridal shower tomorrow by calling the groom and grilling him for a trivia game
  • Mom had a nice long nap in the afternoon
When all goes well, the weekends can be so recuperative and healing and today was one of those days. Mom coughed up a small amount of blood again today, but it wasn't enough to be concerning. The fluid draining is tentatively set for next Wednesday and the hope is that she'll be much more comfortable then.

Also, thanks so much to everyone who's been asking about Gary's shingles. He is totally fine-it's a super mild case and he never was in any pain and the itchiness has gone away. Our midwife is 100% confident that the Pea isn't at any risk of harm, even if I were to get it, which she is 95% confident I won't.

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