Sunday, September 25, 2011


Weird, magical things have been happening. Do we notice them because we're looking for them? Do the coincidences seem to have heavier significance because we want them to? Or is it really magic?

Claudia made a connecting flight from LAX to SEA last night from Mexico, going through customs and security again-there's no way she should have made the flight, and yet, here she was this morning. All five of us met with the rabbi at our synagogue today to discuss logistics of the memorial service and to talk about Mom. When we arrived, the power had gone out, so we had to conduct our meeting in the dark. It was perfect: dimly lit, just our voices, reminiscing, occasionally sunlight from the window peeking through. It created a comfortable space for all five of us to share and maybe allowed us to share more than we would have in a brightly lit room. We talked for about an hour and a half. As soon as we all stood up to leave, the lights all came back on. And in the meantime, it had been pouring down rain, with fierce winds outside. As soon as we walked through the doors, the rain stopped. And as soon as we started driving again, the sky reopened.

I'm not looking for meaning in the weather, or signs in the electricity, but it is nice to be aware of little miracles when they happen and appreciate minutia. A lesson I hope to remember and carry with me.

And now, what everyone is waiting for: Mom's memorial service information:

Tuesday, September 27th 1pm
Temple B'nai Torah.
15727 NE 4th Street Bellevue, WA 98008

Lunch to follow

Parking will be tight, please consider carpooling

If you cannot attend the service, but are interested in sending something to commemorate Mom's life, please consider making a contribution to one of the following organizations:

Solomike Early Childhood Center
To donate, please mail your contribution to:
Temple B'nai Torah, Solomike ECC
15727 NE 4th Street
Bellevue WA 98008

Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force
To donate, please mail your contribution to:
Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force
P.O. Box 20194
Seattle, WA 98102

Mom's Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Group:
This is a group that meets once a month with a rotating host. The host chooses a charity that they'd like to support and presents their information to the entire group, educating them on what the charity does, how their money will help them and why they chose them. The group then makes an anonymous donation to that charity.
To donate, please mail your contribution to:
RAK c/o Eileen Putter
14011 SE 49th PL
Bellevue WA 98006


  1. Hi Aynsley -

    I've been quietly following your experience for a couple months now and I'd like to share some thoughts.

    First, your mom has always been so kind to me. I only saw her once or twice in my adult life, and I left those moments feeling that she epitomized grace and elegance. That's how I'll continue to remember her.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, as you have. It's been a great insight for me, but it's also helped me keep my own days in perspective, as I started each one with your words. I loved what you said about your mom's soul moving on from her inadequate body. A very beautiful thought.

    Finally, I want to say this: If you open yourself to experiencing magic, you'll find that we live in an undeniably magical world. I don't doubt for a second the coordination of your evening.

    Good luck tomorrow. I can't make it, but I'll be thinking of you and your family.

  2. Aynsley,

    I just heard about your mom and my heart dropped. I will miss her so much. She was so wonderful to me and she most certainly left a positive impact on my life that I'll never forget. She was a wonderful support for me in so many different ways.

    I wish I could be there to celebrate her life with you all tomorrow.

    I am so sorry for your lose and please give your dad my love.


  3. Albert Einstein said: There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.

    Our bodies are just shells, Flynne's love and spirit will live on through you, your loving family and friends. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out, always with a smile and loving life. On our walks she would light up talking about you and your brother and you could see and hear how you both were her pride and joy Steve and I will always remember her in this loving way. Thank you again for keeping us feeling close through your beautiful words of wisdom throughout these months.
    Sending our love, prayers and sweet wishes to you all. Diana and Steve Altchech