Monday, September 12, 2011


Mom seems about the same as yesterday. Her energy level is very low, though she's feeling okay still getting the oxygen. She had a chi gong session, but admitted that doesn't require much energy on her part. A new symptom emerged today: chest pain. Despite being short of breath and having low oxygen levels, today was the first day she had pain. She ended up taking a pain pill in the afternoon, which helped with the pain and conked her out. She was happy to get a long nap in, though; tonight is Book Club and she wanted to have enough energy to be up chatting with her girlfriends. For the record, this month's book was Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Mom liked it okay-well written, good characters, engrossing story; it was just so sad and filled with tragedy.

Mom is still planning to have the fluid in her lungs drained this Wednesday afternoon. In addition to that appointment, they're meeting with a pulmonary specialist on Thursday. My hope is that she'll feel significantly better after the procedure on Wednesday and get some useful information on Thursday to prevent this from happening again. At this point, no one is sure of what caused this in the first place...

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  1. Dear Flynne,

    Missoni, the italian fashion house launched a line specially made for Target today. It was such a hit with all the pre launch marketing that the target website crashed early this morning for several hours. Stores in the north burbs of Chicago were sold out of stock within 15 minutes of opening. I knew you would get a kick out of this and wanted to share in case you hadnt heard about the Missoni launch that rocked the world!!!

    Love you and sending good thoughts and prayers everyday.