Thursday, September 1, 2011


Mom is resting a lot these days. Last night she didn't get much sleep due to the compression wrap around her head-it's uncomfortable all of the time, but if it's not on just right, it's downright painful. Finally, after struggling with it most of the night, she relented and agreed to take a pain pill. It was much better after that. I'm not sure if, like me, pain medication isn't really an option that pops into Mom's head. When she mentioned that she finally took something for the pain, I got so excited. Oh yeah! What a great idea! Now, there's a little thing to keep in mind; every once in a while that can be such a relief!

So she slept on and off through out the day. The weather was lovely, so she spent some time outside, which is always nice. This may not be evidence-based medicine, but I wholeheartedly believe that fresh air at regular intervals is good for the body and the spirit. And body and spirit are crucial in any kind of healing.

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