Saturday, September 17, 2011


Mom had a lot of visitors today, so she didn't have many napping opportunities. But she was so happy to see everyone that she didn't seem to mind. She drifted in and out of conversations and sleep throughout the afternoon but spent the evening alert and chatty. Though she didn't do any walking or physical therapy types of things today, she did sit upright in an arm chair on two occasions, the first one for close to an hour. Her BFF, who happens to also be a PT, recommended it for improving her breathing and Mom noticed the different right away. She said it was more difficult to breathe sitting upright in the chair because she was taking much bigger breaths-the bed allows her breaths to be shallow, which may be more comfortable, but not necessarily better for her body.

We keep increasing the oxygen level on her machine-now she's getting about 4.5 liters constantly and 5 liters when she gets up to walk to the bathroom. Today was day two of antibiotics for the pneumonia-perhaps they will help and she will be able to breathe a little bit better tomorrow.

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