Thursday, September 15, 2011


We had a really beautiful morning. Ross and I arrived around 11:30am and tag-teamed Mom with a lower leg and ankle massage and a Greek vegetable quiche. We played iPhone Family Feud and talked about child development and obsessions we had as kids (Ross: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Batman. Aynsley: Bossing people around). It was really, really nice.

Mom slept most of the day. She napped a lot, really having the largest span of awake time with Ross and me this morning. She did do some physical therapy today: she walked up and down a section of the hall and only needed to take a few breaks here and there. Her oxygen levels are constantly monitored during PT and they definitely dipped and spiked as she exercised; at one point, they got down to the low 70s (we try not to let it get below 85). But she rebounded every time and just had them checked again and is at 97.

Her appetite was also significantly smaller than yesterday. She ate a good amount of quiche, but didn't want any snacks all day and ate two or three bites of rice and beans for dinner. She was also a little bit nauseous, but a few sips of ginger ale helped a lot.

I'm so glad I came when I did. I'm spending the night tonight and hoping she'll be able the feel the Pea kick-the Pea is most active at night and first thing in the morning, so chances are good. I may even wake Mom up for it-I think it's worth it.

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