Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Mom woke up worse than yesterday: the chest pain has increased a lot. She took an oxycotin, which helps for the pain, but puts her to sleep. So, she slept most of the day. The nurse practitioner who we love, and the doctor on call at the Kline (who we also love) advocated for Mom to get her lungs drained today, so she did. We are awaiting those biopsy results, which we'll get tomorrow.

Dr. C was notified of the developments and will be involved with the discussions tomorrow.

This rapid deterioration is very upsetting. I'm on the first flight out to Seattle tomorrow morning, though Mom doesn't know it yet-so if you speak with her before I do, please keep it a surprise.


  1. Dear Ansley,
    Please tell your amazing mother that I think of her daily, never miss a blog,and that as always she is in my heart and prayers! I was so very grateful to have gotten to see,
    and better yet, hug her when I visited Seattle last month.It was also great to have met your sweet brother. Give both your Mom and Dad a huge warm hug for me...and know that I send special love and good wishes to you, Ross and Gary as well.
    Please take good care of the little pea...and tell Fantastic Flynne she is truly special to me
    All my love,