Monday, September 5, 2011


For the past couple of days, Mom has been short of breath when walking. The therapists think it's just a matter of endurance, so Mom has been making a point to try to walk more through out the days. Today she walked her usual amount, she just took a couple of breaks. But the breaks were short, and she'd get right back up and start walking again.

Though it was a holiday, the Kline was back to Monday business as usual. Mom had all of her regular Monday therapies, including chi gong. Now, this is not provided through the Kline but instead by a family friend who is kind enough to volunteer his time each week to teach chi gong principles and guide Mom through healing visualizations. Pretty amazing.

So Mom practiced expelling sick chi and welcoming in healthy chi, walking diligently to increase her endurance and doing other stretching and strengthening exercises. She also took some good naps and rested from her party last night.

I usually talk to her right after she wakes up from a late afternoon nap, before her dinner (which is usually right before I go to bed-earlier and earlier for me these days). I've been worried about the shortness of breath, but when I talk to her, she sounds strong and energetic. When she's been in the hospital or a few days out from chemo, she sounds tired. But yesterday and today, she sounds like her normal, pre-cancer, healthy self. Maybe this new symptom will go away as quickly as it came up. Mom is certainly working as hard as she can to build up strength in all ways possible.

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