Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today was a crazy, full, emotional day. Mom and I had a wonderful girl's night last night (which really just means sleeping a lot) and then were able to spend the entire morning together. Fabulous NP came in and chatted with us-Mom is going to start doubling her dose of morphine at night and stop with the oxycodon-this should keep her more comfortable for longer lengths of time and I always think it's best to not have to mix meds. Mom also noticed a little lump in her left leg, which is the one that's always tight due to surgery she had about 8 years ago. A couple of days ago, I was massaging it and hit a spot that made Mom jump-she noticed it again today and had an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. She also has been having some lymph edema in her right arm that was looked at, too-again, to rule out clots. We should get those results tomorrow.

Mom had her bath this morning, which I always love. The highlight today was a shampoo! This is really the first time that I've been here when she has enough hair to wash and the aide who does the bath let me wash Mom's hair. I tried to be all salon scalp massage-y, though I'm sure it was woefully inadequate. But it was nice to be able to participate in that way. Bath day also means weigh day and, as expected, Mom has lost more weight. Her appetite has really diminished and she's fought nausea a few times this week. It seems to be short lived and she hasn't actually been sick, but that definitely doesn't help arrest any weight loss.

She napped a bit this morning and walked a very little bit this afternoon. It's a struggle to maintain an oxygen saturation above 90 even at rest, so exercise pushes her over the edge quite quickly. But she was in good spirits all day, enjoying her guests and chatting. The Kline's rabbi came in and we devised a plan for making Rosh Hashanah special even though Mom will still be at the Kline and everyday does sort of feel the same. As Dad often says, our life is sort of like Groundhog's Day. A round challah with raisins is on the list.

Dad is staying the night with her tonight, so Gary and I get to have some time to catch up and talk and I have an opportunity to unwind. Gary's work has a Seattle office, so he's working during the days, which is such an awesome benefit for me of his job. Tomorrow he'll go to work and I'll go back to the Kline to spend more QT with Mom.

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