Tuesday, July 19, 2011


27 years ago, Dad called me on the phone, elated with this news: "you've got a new baby brother!! What do you think?" One week shy of my 4th birthday, I honestly answered, "Frankly, Dad, I'm rather disappointed." Of course, I wanted a sister. Growing up, Ross proved game for sisterly activities like being dressed up, having make-up applied and playing with dolls, though, usually, his versions weren't quite what I had in mind. In fairness, my versions of baseball weren't what he had in mind.

Clearly, 27 years later, I'm no longer anything close to disappointed.

Happy birthday, Rossy!

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  1. Happy birthday! Ross!

    You are a bright, talented, great young man (being an alta cocker of your parents generation i'm able to say that).

    Everyone who's watched you grow is proud of the man you've become.

    good luck with everything in your life.
    all our love,
    evon and peter