Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mom slept nearly all day today. I woke up about 7am and did some internet errands while she slept until about 8:30. She did some stretches, then ate her usual breakfast of Cheerios and bananas. We did the regular morning routine: walking to the bathroom, washing up, brushing teeth, changing clothes, and as she was walking back to bed, a wave of nausea hit and up came all of her breakfast. As I am now the Queen of Nausea, I had just bought a box of my favorite ginger candies (Reed's-they're amazing), so once Mom finished vomiting and got back in bed, I offered her a candy to suck on. It seemed to help and she wasn't sick again for the rest of the day, but she was exhausted. She slept from about 9:30am until 12pm, when we did lots of stretching and massage, then joined her BFF for an alfresco lunch (Mom ate saltines with PB&J and some nectarine). Immediately after lunch, she fell back asleep for another couple of hours. She woke up with an appetite and polished off a Greek salad leftover from dinner a couple of nights ago. We did some more exercises, talked Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga and Mom took another nap.

By 6pm, she was feeling better-she ate a few bites of baked ziti for dinner and seemed to have more energy. I'm hopeful that a weekend of rest and relaxation will leave her feeling refreshed for the week ahead. It's going to be a big one with chemo starting back up.

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  1. Our prayers are with your mom (and family) as she begins chemo this week. I am still so inspired by how strong your mom is. I read your postings daily and appreciate your honesty and I too would be happy to talk Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga (she's my favorite) at anytime!