Thursday, July 28, 2011


Mom started her first chemo treatment after a long brake. The treatment itself went smoothly. We were all pretty upset to discover that our oncologist who we scheduled our appointment with was not going to be at the appointment. However, our frustration was heard and we were able to see a nurse practitioner who actually specializes in breast cancer. She examined mom and took note of our frustration. She assured us that our oncologist would be aware of her examination and our discontent. We have an appointment to see him in about two weeks. Mom has already made it clear that we are going to call the day before to make sure that our oncologist will be at the appointment. After chemo treatment, mom took a long nap all afternoon. She slept for a solid three hours. When she woke up, she did not have a strong appetite but she still forced down a little bit of dinner.

To be honest, this was a day riddled with errors and disappointments. Medications at her nursing home were not administered, dinner was not delivered until we asked for it (an hour late), and our insurance doesn't want to continue covering sessions with our amazing PT. Managing all these frustrations is a difficult thing when all you want to do is stay positive and hope for the best. Sometimes you just have to channel that anger into a letter or a jog, anything to help you move past all the BS and gather your thoughts and gather your love.

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