Thursday, July 21, 2011


Jam packed day. I arrived in Seattle around 1pm and headed over to the Kline right away. This afternoon we caught a concert, which was lovely. Then after that, a woman from services from the blind came and hooked Mom up with an audible book subscription and showed her how to walk with a guiding person and a guiding cane. It was so interesting-everything she told us made sense, but definitely needs to be taught. Mom, of course, was stellar using the cane and walked the halls with her physical therapist and the cane. Her strength and balance have improved so much and continue to do so.

We had a call with Dr. C. this evening and discussed next treatment options. Mom is planning to start up again with the systemic chemotherapy at the end of next week.

Forgive my brevity, I'm exhausted from traveling and it's almost midnight my time. More tomorrow

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