Friday, July 22, 2011


Today, Seattle clearly had the best weather in the country, if not the world. I had a wonderful day. Still on EST, I woke up at about 5:30am and was able to get a lot of internet errands and work done before Mom woke up. We had a really nice morning all to ourselves, and did the typical girl stuff: nails, massages, talking about pregnancy and raising kids. Mom then showed off in physical therapy by telling the new aide today how everything is done. Mom knew her exercises better than the aide and was showing her how to do them properly. She also intended to ride the bike for 10 minutes, but went for 16 minutes. She walked all over, stretched and strengthened and then enjoyed lunch.

After lunch, she enjoyed a long nap while I went home to work out, unload my luggage and shower. When I got back to the Kline, she was hanging out in the courtyard with some of my favorite people and we all sat in the sun for about an hour. Then back to her room to listen to President Obama's speech, another nap, then an impromptu dinner party with more of our favorite people.

We also got tentatively good news today: Mom has been having neck and back aches for the past week and had an X ray done on her clavicle, back and hip on Wednesday. The results came back today and no cancer showed up in the bones, which Mom was a bit worried about. So, the cancer in her bones hasn't spread up or down so far. The neck and back aches are managed with ice and heat packs and occasionally a topical analgesic. And after we got the news that there wasn't additional cancer in her bones, Mom said that the pain was really being helped by the heat and ice and that it was a little better today.

Mom will also resume systemic chemotherapy next Thursday. While it's been nice for her to not have to deal with chemo side effects, I know she's chomping at the bit to get started with treatment again. It feels like moving forward.

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