Saturday, July 23, 2011


Mom has a theory about her napping schedule: it's great if she can get a mid-late morning nap in-that leaves her more energized-but she generally feels more tired and a low key if she takes a long afternoon nap. She hasn't been able to get in a morning nap in what seems like weeks due to construction noise, moving rooms and other interruptions. Today she had to change rooms again, so around 11am Dad started getting everything packed up and ready to go. Ross and I arrived about 45 minutes later and helped him finish up the packing and moved and unpacked. So, Mom missed her morning nap.

The new room is in the other wing of the floor and has different staff. However, Mom's nurses requested that they continue caring for her, so they'll stick with us while we're over here. The plan is to move back to her original room once construction is finished in a week or so. In the meantime, we should have a reprieve from jack-hammering and drilling. Though now on this side we have traffic noise...can't win.

Mom took a few afternoon naps today. I'm not sure if it's her afternoon nap theory or just the fact that Saturdays are a catch up day, but she seemed tired all day. Even when I arrived this morning, she was mellower and just quieter. She walked to her new room and sat outside today for a few hours, but that was the extent of her exercise. I think she needs Saturdays to be fairly quiet because inevitably the weekdays aren't. With two moves this week, it wasn't restful even though she didn't have any medical treatments. And with chemo beginning this coming week, I'm glad she was able to have a day of relaxation and sleep.

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