Saturday, July 9, 2011


Last night brought some challenges. A nursing error screwed up some things with Mom's antibiotic IV, which interrupted her sleep throughout the night and again at 6am when the mistake was realized. Luckily, Mom didn't have any adverse reactions to the IV drip not being sent through the machine-she received it faster than she's supposed to and in a different amount, but it ended up not being a catastrophe.

Mom was nauseous this morning, but felt better in the afternoon and evening. She's trying to limit the amount of medication she's taking, but she realized that she may have decreased the anti-nausea meds a little too much. She took them again this afternoon and felt better. While I am no big proponent of medication, it seems to me that if you can take something to make you immensely more comfortable on an ongoing basis, you do it (excluding, of course, heroin). Mom's anti-nausea medication clearly fits the safe-in-my-mind bill and hasn't seemed to create any horrendous side effects.

Overall, it seems like both my parents had a good day. Though they were up at 6am dealing with the IV debacle, they were able to fall back to sleep and sleep late through the morning. Considering that last weekend they were in the ICU at Overlake, this weekend is leaps and bounds better

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