Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In Mom's words, today was very hectic. Mom has different IV schedules for different antibiotics: one is every 12 hours and one is every 8 hours. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes she's just hooked up to an IV for hours on end. In addition to nurses in and out of the room on IV duty, Mom had her port dressing changed, a bath, physical therapy, a visit from the Kline's rabbi (who is amazing and who we all adore), lunch with girlfriends, a lengthy visit from Ross, time out in the sunshine and a nap or two.

According to the physical therapist, the surgery and all of last week's interruptions didn't have any negative effect on her strength. According the aide who bathes Mom, she didn't lose any weight despite not being able to eat anything for two days due to impending surgery and not being able to eat much for a few days after that due to feeling like crap after surgery. (Apparently, Mom has been making up for lost calories in the past few days). According to Mom, she's feeling better and better. According to the sound of her voice, I will attest to that.

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