Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Mom began her new chemotherapy treatment today. Everything seemed to go very well and she spent the rest of the day feeling fine, if a little tired. The sun was out in Seattle, so my parents and Ross took a little pre-dinner sun soak; Mom sounded wonderful and was enjoying the fresh air and warmth.

In previous treatment rounds, Mom usually feels pretty good for a few days immediately after treatment, then really feels the fatigue and nausea. Since this dose is so powerful that it's given only once a month, we have no idea when and if the side effects will kick in, how bad they'll be and how long it will last. It's all a big game of wait and see, and hope for the best: strong therapeutic effects with minimal nasty ones.

1 comment:

  1. A pre-dinner sun soak??!!! what a delicious appetizer!! and after a long winter it's also very therapeutic!
    Hope you will enjoy this pre-dinner more often.

    warm hugs Marisa and Chad.