Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This morning did not begin well. Mom threw up her pills, couldn't eat breakfast and could barely get lunch down. But by the afternoon, she was feeling much less nauseous and her stomach wasn't so gassy. So she pushed herself to go for a long walk and ride the bike for 12 minutes. When I asked her if she exercised because she was feeling better or if she had to push herself, she admitted that she really had to push. "But I knew I needed to walk today, and once I started, I kept going, and then rode the bike."

For any of you out there who struggle with motivation to go to the gym, personal trainers will tell you to commit to 10 minutes. Even if you really don't feel like exercising, promise yourself that you will do whatever it is you need to do for 10 minutes. If, after 10 minutes, you are miserable and want to quit, fine. Go home knowing you did 10 minutes more than you would have. The trick is that 99% of the time, once you're there and in the thick of it, you're not going to quit after 10 minutes. You're going to finish your work out. Mom proved this today. She just needed to get herself out of bed and walking, and then she was ready to go. She walked, rode the bike for a long time (and, I should mention, the therapists keep increasing the resistance level on the bikes) and then did a bunch of floor exercises.

Also, today we found out that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wool is in the top 10 Fund Raising teams in Seattle's Race for the Cure. You are all so amazing! We are all overwhelmed everyday with gratitude

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