Friday, May 27, 2011


Today Mom and Dad met with the radiation oncologist to discuss possible treatment for the cancer metastasis/rash. Mom had a CT scan of the area, and after examining it, the doctor thought that radiation could really help. It will most likely stop it from spreading and may even make it go away, or reduce it. The course of treatment is 5 days a week for three weeks; she'll start radiation on Thursday, but go in on Wednesday to get the positioning set up. Radiation is all vectors, coordinates and math. Fascinating.

We all adore this radiation oncology team. It's the same team that did the initial radiation on Mom's spine and skull and they are such compassionate, kind and brilliant people. Of course I wish we didn't have to work with any doctors again, but if she needs treatment, I'm so glad it's what they offer.

The best thing about the treatment is that Dad is driving there: no ambulance. Mom just wheels out to the car and sits in the front seat. I find this so cute and a measure of how much stronger she's gotten. It's such a slice of normal life, driving together, and it's something they haven't been able to do in so long.

Gary and I are flying standby on a full flight tomorrow morning and I am so hopeful that we get on that plane. Gary hasn't been back since our wedding and it's always so nice for all of the Kirshenbaums to have him there. (Not that I'd go without him if there's only one spot, I just hope we both get on the early flight). So, even though I'm well aware that I've pushed my luck and had more wishes granted in the past 5 months than I deserve, I'm hoping for another one.

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