Thursday, May 19, 2011


Another strength jump: today Mom walked by herself. No walker, no one holding her hips to steady her, just walking alone down the hall. The PT was right there in case she needed help, but she didn't. Mom said she was extremely tired after the walk, but really happy with the progress.

Of course, she only does vigorous exercise when she's feeling well. Today, the nausea held back and Mom was able to eat, exercise, visit and maintain her sense of humor.

Tomorrow is a very special day: two of her childhood friends are coming to visit for the weekend. (and two more on Saturday!) I know she's super excited to see them and very much looking forward to this weekend with them. One visited last winter, when Mom was still in the hospital, so I'm really excited for her to see Mom's progress. It's always a bit thrilling to watch your own expectations get shattered (I know I am astounded the first day of each of my visits); I can't wait to hear what she thinks tomorrow evening!

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  1. The joy of friendship is the best!
    Dear Flynne, tomorrow will be another beautiful day in Seattle full of sunshine! hope you can enjoy that too!
    your progresses in strength are just amazing! keep going!
    thinking of you everyday
    hugs and kisses
    Marisa and Chad