Monday, May 30, 2011


Last night was wonderful. Mom and I went to sleep around 9:15, woke up at 10:30 to use the bathroom, then slept through until 6:45am. Mom then went back to sleep until about 8:30. Needless to say, we both slept well, then had the entire morning to ourselves. We had lots of visitors again today, but no one came until after noon. So, I had Mom to myself for breakfast (she feeds herself an entire bowl of Cheerios and bananas), then we did about an hour of yoga stretches. Mom has lost a lot of flexibility, but is determined not to lose any more. We did a lot of hip opening, twists, hamstring lengthening, heart opening, throat lengthening and shoulder relaxation. Then Mom flipped over onto her hands and knees and did some cat/cows and child's pose.

We had lots of time for girl talk before lunch-we split Mom's hamburger and baked beans.

Mom spent most of the afternoon outside on the front lawn. We had tons of fun guests, including a dear one of mine and her two adorable boys. The boys ran and played; the sound of kids having fun is is such a healing sound and we all benefited from just being around that very different energy. Another childhood friend of Mom's who's been with us all weekend added a lot of fun stories about the shenanigans that they used to get into: jumping off her two story house with umbrellas playing "Mary Poppins," climbing trees to the highest bough and then crawling out to the very end of the branch and swinging in the trees, sliding down the stairs in cardboard boxes. Mom has clearly always been one brave broad.

I apologize, but there probably won't be a post tomorrow. Gary and I are flying back home and won't arrive until late at night and we both have to work on Wednesday. We'll be back with the Wednesday update, including Mom's radiation appointment. She begins treatment on Thursday, but is going on Wednesday for preliminary work.

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