Sunday, May 29, 2011


We were completely inundated with visitors today, it was glorious. And overall, Mom had a great day. When Gary and I arrived this morning, she and Dad were listening to NPR, laughing and having a great morning. We chatted a bit, I helped Mom with some hamstring and ankle stretching and then Mom decided she wanted to go for a walk. So, we got the walker out and walked at a brisk pace up and down the hallways. Almost as soon as we got back, though, she got super nauseous and needed a bit of a rest. It passed within the hour and she went back to entertaining all of her guests.

There were a couple of napping opportunities during the day, between visitors, that Mom took advantage of. Tonight is girl's slumber party, and we'll be hitting the hay by 9:30pm (I'm still on EST). Fingers crossed that tomorrow is nice enough to play outside a bit.

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