Friday, May 13, 2011


We didn't meant to worry anyone last night without a post: Google Blogger was down, so neither Ross nor I could access the posting page until now. Everything is okay.

Yesterday Mom had a great start to the day: strong breakfast, another physical therapy session involving the stairs and walking without a walker. She ate a big lunch and entertained some visitors. But after lunch, as seems to be the pattern this week, she started to feel nauseous and get a sharp stomach ache. She wasn't able to nap during the day, so she was just uncomfortable for a few hours. When we spoke, she was contemplating dinner-not hungry, but trying to eat anyway.

Her NP has increased her anti-nausea medication dose, which may be helping-her worst nauseous day was immediately after having the chemo and each day it seems to be a little less. But the stomach aches are still strong and fierce and seem to come every afternoon. I'm not sure if it has to do with the spacing of her meals, the timing of physical therapy or if there's something that she's doing right that makes it so the stomach aches aren't constant and are limited to the afternoons. Sometimes I have to remind myself how far she's come, how much pain she was in in those first few weeks. I'm lucky that I come to visit every couple of weeks and can see dramatic changes from my last trip. I get so frustrated that she's uncomfortable every afternoon, but really, it's a vast improvement from where she started.

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